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What to Do With Leftover Diamond Dotz

Donate your extra diamond dotz to schools and daycares. So what can you do with your leftover diamond dotz? Here are 5 great ideas for reusing your diamond drills:

Donate your extra diamond dotz to schools and daycares. Daycares and schools always need classroom materials, and teachers can use your beads during art class, recess, and planned lessons. Your donations will make a difference in the lives of young learners. So what can you do with your leftover diamond dotz? Here are 5 great ideas for reusing your diamond drills:

5 DIY craft ideas to use leftover diamond dotz

When you have a surplus of diamond beads, consider donating them to local schools or daycare centers. Teachers always need classroom supplies, and you can use these beads to decorate art projects, play during recess, or even as part of a planned lesson. You can even make jewelry out of your leftover diamond beads! Just follow the directions on the package. You’ll have plenty of projects to choose from!

The same techniques can be used to create diamond paintings. These paintings are a great way to spice up any room. You can frame them to display them as unique pieces of art. These unique creations can be used anywhere – from planters to small tables. Diamonds are also extremely versatile. You can use the leftover drills for other purposes, including making jewelry! Here are 20 DIY craft ideas to use leftover diamond dotz

A diamond suncatcher is another DIY craft that you can make with leftover diamonds. They have a faceted design, which means they catch sunlight in sunny locations. You can back these diamond beads with cut glass or heavy-duty plastic. You can even cut plastic milk jugs and soda bottles for this project! Round drills work best with diamonds, while angular shapes may look better with other materials.

Donating diamond drills to charity

Diamond drills make great gifts and are often needed by organizations that help children. However, they can be incredibly expensive, so donating diamond drills to charity is a great way to help out without breaking the bank. Many charities will take any type of drill, including old drill bits, so this is a great way to help out as well. Regardless of whether you need a drill bit for a small project or a large one, donating a drill to a charity can go a long way.

Glittering costumes

If you have leftover diamond dotz from a previous project, you can reuse them to create beautiful bottle art. Bottle art is similar to bottled sand art, but instead of painting a single color, you layer them until you reach the desired effect. Your final project will look either subtle or rainbow-like. You can also use leftover diamond beads to decorate shoes. Simply attach them to your shoes with strong fabric glue.

You can also add sparkle to your child’s outfit by using the leftover diamond beads on their headbands. You can even put them over the top of a plain colored mask. A mask is a must-have accessory, whether it is a princess costume, a vampire, or a gypsy witch. And if you have any leftover diamonds, add sparkle to high heels.

Party wear

If you don’t need your diamond beads anymore, consider donating them to daycares or schools. Teachers are always looking for classroom supplies, so this is a great way to recycle your extra gems. Donate them to art classes or a daycare center, or use them during a planned lesson or recess. You can also give them to your cousin! Just remember to sort them by color. Then, they can be used to adorn a variety of items, such as necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

Diamond beads can also be used to decorate old accessories. Old slings, wallets, and phone cases can all be embellished with diamonds! The possibilities are endless! You can make a card, or even a calm-down jar, with leftover diamond beads. Whatever your creative endeavor, make sure to keep the container clean and organized. Using the same color together will create an interesting design, as will varying the thickness of the colored sections.

Religious ornaments

If you have extra diamond drills, you may wonder what to do with them. Well, if you haven’t already, there are tons of ways to use them. For starters, you can use them to make unique ornaments for the holiday season. You can fill up an ornament globe with leftover diamond beads and add a removable hanger loop to it. You can use monochromatic colors or even the full rainbow of leftover diamond dots.

Donate your leftover beads to charities and make your community a better place! Another option is to donate your leftover diamond beads to daycares and schools. Teachers are always on the lookout for new classroom materials, and you could donate your excess diamond dots to one of these places. Teachers can then use them during art class, recess, or a planned lesson. You can also give your extra diamond beads to religious organizations. All of these places will appreciate your gesture.


The Diamond dot suncatcher craft kit allows kids to create a sparkling creation of their own! With no glue or messy painting required, kids can make a unique suncatcher while building their creativity. Whether you want to make a sparkling suncatcher for your window or create a personalized jewelry box, this kit has everything you need to start. The kit contains everything you need to create two sun catchers: a diamond-colored key chain and a suncatcher that’s decorated with holographic stickers.

For an extra-special gift, why not give a diamond dot suncatcher as a gift? This unusual suncatcher kit includes everything your child needs to complete the project. Three different designs are available, each measuring approximately six inches in diameter. Kids can also make stickers with these kits, as they’re very simple to make! This craft kit is an excellent gift for a child who loves jewelry. The package includes an attractive gift box and more than 1,000 stickers for the project.

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