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What kind of art is Zettiology?

Zettiology is a fascinating field that I discovered recently. Zettiology is an art form based on Teesha Moore’s work.

Zettiology is a fascinating field that I discovered recently. It intrigued me to find out what this art form actually meant, but it was difficult for me to define it. So I’ve compiled some clues for your consideration.

Did I get it right, I wonder?

Here’s what I know: Zettiology is an art form based on Teesha Moore’s work. Teesha Moore has a website that showcases her work. Her website was a portal to another world. I felt like I was in another place and lost for a while just admiring her creations. What I didn’t find was a written description of her art. It would not be easy to describe something that you do instinctively and naturally. Perhaps this is why there isn’t any writing to assist the viewer. My motives for not defining Zettiology are pure speculation. Although there are many examples of Teesha’s work available for people to examine and draw their own conclusions from, I needed some words to explain it.

What is other information available about Zettiology?

Teesha Moore first created the term to describe a new genre that combines the extraordinary and the mundane. It is about creating new creatures from both the familiar and the fantasy realms. These unique creatures are a group, a tribe. You could even call them The Mythical Zettis.

Zettiology, which I found to be the most concise explanation of Zettiology, is “Sustained Confusion.” Zetti-style artwork will show you that animal and human parts are merged into one. There is also outlining and doodling to help make the fusions less confusing. It creates original, whimsical art that can be funny or serious.

For their Zetti creations, crafters often mix bright colors with black and white elements.

Along with a Zetti creature, you might also find handwritten words and sayings in a whimsical font.

A Zetti art piece is much more than these elements. Zetti art creates a sense of other-worldliness. It is incredible to me how people can combine so many elements and make them work together.

Zetti art can also be thought of as a combination of a real human or animal figure and then blending it with something else or more worldly (that’s fantasy). For example, a child with wings could have wings added to his body. To make the Zetti creature even more bizarre, add in unexpected details like cone hats or striped legs.

Zetti could be described as taking old ideas and mixing them in new ways. It is possible to take the creatures that you would draw and then cut them up and paste them together. When creating your new creature, you can use patterns and textures that contrast one another.

Let me sum it up: These are the ways I discovered to make Zetti art.

  • Try to transform the mundane into something magical or from a fantasy realm.
  • Use contrast textures and patterns
  • Mix bright colors with black and white patterns like stripes.
  • Mismatched bodies and faces can be used
  • A creature that doesn’t usually have them can be given body parts, clothing, and/or wings.
  • Make your animals stand out with amazing crowns and hats
  • Combining the bizarre, strange, and whimsical creates a new Zetti creature
  • Use poetic, lyrical, or handwritten words or text/li>
  • To bring together all kinds of elements, use outlining and doodling

Was I able to capture the essence Zettiness? Teesha Moore could do it. Maybe the fact that Zetti style is not defined makes it more unique and mysterious. We will all have to come up with our own conclusions, I guess!

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