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What Is Baroque Art?

What is baroque art? It is an art that dates back to the early Renaissance Period in Europe. The Baroque is an art of architecture, painting

What is baroque art? It is an art that dates back to Europe’s early Renaissance period. The Baroque is an art of architecture, drawing, painting, dance, and many other artistic disciplines that flourished in Europe during the Renaissance until the late 17th century. This form of art is sometimes referred to as European Baroque. It is sometimes regarded as a branch of modern art as several artists dabbed into it after their careers in other fields, such as painting. Titian, Lorenzo Ghiberti, famous baroque painters, Lorenzo Caracciola, Jan Van Eyck, Rembrandt, and others.

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Several Things that Characterize Baroque Art

The main ones are its vivid portrayal of nature and the exaggeration of natural forms as well as human features and characteristics. It usually involves a monumental scale. This subject matter was already present during the renaissance period. However, this subject matter was not as prevalent during the baroque period, so the art creators took on a broader canvas and painted a more realistic subject matter.

Another characteristic of baroque art is its exaggerated motion. It uses a lot of precise detail, but at the same time, there is often a lack of harmony in the movement. There is also a firm reliance on shadows and bright highlights. Another thing that is characteristic of this particular style is its use of intense colors. Colors are usually very saturated, yet there is a lot of restraint with how many colors are used in this specific genre.

Baroque Art – An Introduction

How did Baroque Art Changed During the Reformation Period?

Several artists utilized similar subjects and paints. However, their style was not that much similar as it is now. Some of them tried to imitate the Renaissance paintings that they saw. At the same time, some tried to add even more elements to it, like more movement. Others tried to add movement and depth to their baroque artworks by emphasizing the skies, the sun, and the clouds.

Leonardo da Vinci is the most renowned artist to paint the baroque style. His renaissance paintings had a very distinct look, unlike any other paintings before or after. His work is characterized by bold brushstrokes, wide spaces as well as very clear details. His work is also marked by the use of carvings, which included those of birds, angels, flowers, metals, and other elements.

During the baroque art period, European society experienced tremendous development. During that time, European society was witness to the rise in artistic styles that were new and interesting. This art style became popular throughout Europe as artists began to paint famous masterpieces. Leonardo da Vinci is probably the most famous artist from this era. Even today, his works are still very impressive, although his life was very long, and he experienced many tragic events.

After the baroque period came the rococo period, this period also witnessed the rise in artworks and new styles. These artworks had a very distinct style and represented the Italian Renaissance Period. During the rococo period, gold was used to embellish artistic pieces.

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The paintings from this period had beautiful and elaborate paintings that had large parts that were very clear. That gave the impression that they were made with fine art. Most of the paintings from this period are brightly colored and show powerful images. There were a lot of paintings that had religious scenes, especially the Madonna and the Egg. The most famous of these paintings is the Mona Lisa which Leonardo da Vinci created in the 1490s. Today, there are many reproductions of that well-known work.

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