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Journal of Educational Technology Research and Development

Educational Technology Research and Development – (ETR&D) is a scholarly journal that focuses entirely on educational technology research and development.

Educational Technology Research and Development – (ETR&D) is a scholarly journal that focuses entirely on educational technology research and development. That means that it is concerned with the application of technology to education. The aim is to enhance education by fostering technological development throughout the educational system, from teachers and students to schools, colleges, and universities. ETR&D also conducts research and testing on educational technology to ensure its effectiveness in current educational situations.

This international journal is a comprehensive source for researchers, educators, administrators, consultants, and students interested in all aspects of higher education. The scope of this global electronic journal is steadily expanding as an evidence-based, interdisciplinary approach to teaching and learning English as a Second Language (ESL). Through this electronic medium, ETR&D has the ability to reach people throughout the world who are interested in writing on this crucial subject matter. In addition, through ETR&D, scholars in other disciplines can publish their research papers and brief articles, making these journal’s collections of articles very comprehensive. One of the goals of ETR&D is to facilitate communication between scholars worldwide on various areas of ESL and EPR. In fact, this interdisciplinary journal is one of the leading databases of information on educational technology research and development.

ETR&D features articles written by scholars in educational technology, instruction, education, business, and by professionals involved in the research and development of ETR. The Journal of the American Instructional Specialist, the International Journal of Teacher Education, and the Journal of Research in Technology Education are some of the other special issues associated with ETR&D. 

These special issues journals feature special sections of ETR&D devoted to special topics and authors dealing with instruction, homeschooling, educational technology, learning, educational software, and computer-based games. Other areas of ETR&D focus on such areas as technology in K-12 education, higher education, student populations, and bilingual education.

ETR&D is actually three journals that represent distinctly different points of view on ETR. In addition to various perspectives on instructional technology, instruction, and homeschooling, this journal also provides an international perspective on ETR&D. This perspective brings a new light to the complex process of implementing and disseminating ETR. The Journal of the American Instructional Specialist is written by educators from all over the United States and parts of the world. It has an international audience because of the subject matter and the focus on instructional technology research and development. In addition to the United States, the journal is published in German, Korean, and English.

The second journal is the International Journal of Teacher Education and is published in thirty countries. It is a specialized journal on technical issues of educational technology, instruction, and homeschooling. The Journal of Bibliographic Studies in Education is a volume that presents research findings on ETR&D, inclusive of studies that use computers in educating people. The Journal of Mathematics in Education is a volume that presents findings on educational technology, including journals that present analysis, reviews, and commentaries on ETR&D.

The third journal is Information Science in Education, a peer-reviewed electronic journal that presents the most recent advances in educational technology and instructional practices. It is a comprehensive source of current research and educational technology technologies on the world wide web. It is accessible to everyone because it is available to all subscribers. In addition, the editors approve all articles and ensure that they meet proper formatting and content standards.

Research is now an essential part of every school’s educational curriculum. As technology develops, it helps to make lessons more effective, easier, and interesting. However, if current research does not match what is needed in the classroom, it will not challenge the students enough to learn new things. Therefore, journals that focus on this are valuable to teachers in the area of K-12, higher education, and technology in general.

The fourth journal is An Evaluation of Educational Technology Research and Development, a peer-reviewed journal that focuses on educational technology research and development. It is a valuable supplement to other research materials. The authors of this include: Allison B. Zick, Amy Dorn Kopelan, John S. Pope, Jannick R. Poindexter, and Frank A. Schonfeld. This journal has a significant impact factor, and it can be searched online.

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