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Elementary Art Teacher: The Perfect Job for Computer-Free Art

An elementary art teacher is an ideal candidate for the job because they have a passion for introducing children to art and can teach art without using computers.

An elementary art teacher is an ideal candidate for the job because they have a passion for introducing children to art and can teach art without using computers. They also have a knack for developing engaging lesson plans and can plan a fun and innovative activities that students can enjoy. They will work closely with children with special needs or learning abilities and specialize in teaching younger children. The duties of an elementary art teacher are varied, but they usually include developing creative lesson plans and assisting with student art displays. They may be able to create ongoing art activities and organize after-school art activities, including painting parties.

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Job description

An elementary art teacher teaches children of all ages the basics of art. This profession requires a thorough knowledge of art history and different genres and effective communication skills. Elementary art teachers must assess their students’ learning abilities to ensure that they can design engaging lessons that appeal to each student’s individual interests and abilities. Elementary art teachers typically work in well-lit classrooms and may be expected to work extra hours on the weekends or during the week for school functions.

Depending on the state you’re in, you may also be responsible for developing and delivering a variety of art-related lectures. These instructors also assist with art class management and oversee the inventory of art supplies. Aside from these tasks, elementary art teachers also prepare lesson plans, oversee students’ progress in a classroom, and assess student performance in the arts. To learn more about the job description of an elementary art teacher, check out the sample below!

Elementary Art Teacher – Responsibilities

As an elementary art teacher: 

  • Responsible for encouraging students’ creativity and responding to themes in their art that suggest distress. 
  • Accountable for developing drawing, coloring, and painting techniques and teaching students how to use different media. 
  • Responsible for acquiring art materials, such as canvas, paint, and other art supplies. 
  • Accountable for overseeing projects and assignments, grading exams, recording student progress, and keeping the classroom clean.

As an elementary art teacher, you’ll teach children the basics of art, supervise student progress, and develop a variety of lesson plans. As a part of your job description, you’ll also be responsible for managing the school’s art supplies and attending parent-teacher meetings. You’ll also need excellent oral and written communication skills and outstanding organizational skills. And, of course, being a dedicated teacher is essential to making the job easier.

The job description for an elementary art teacher varies from career to career, but the basic responsibilities remain the same. You’ll plan lessons, implement curriculum, get art supplies, and help students develop their creativity. You’ll also need to have a teaching license and classroom management skills. You should be able to work well with children with varying attention spans and behavioral issues. And a good sense of patience. But what makes an elementary art teacher the ideal candidate?

Salary Ranges

Salary ranges for an Elementary Art Teacher are based on the individual’s education and years of experience. The salary range for this job can vary considerably based on experience, location, and skill level. The salary for an Elementary Art Teacher can range from $37,500 to $62,000, with the top earners earning close to $94,000 a year. You can find a salary range for this job by searching for the position online.

While the average pay for an elementary art teacher is approximately $43,000 a year, it varies based on the school and university where you complete your graduate program. However, the job market is generally open and flexible, and you can also teach part-time. Art teachers can choose between teaching in public or private schools or juggling other jobs in some areas. While elementary art teachers typically teach children in grades K-6, they can also be found in elementary schools throughout the country and across the country.

Salary Ranges for an Art Teacher

Salary ranges for an Art Teacher vary widely. Salaries for an Art Teacher can range anywhere from $18,000 to $92,500 a year. However, it is important to note that salaries may vary significantly by location, education, experience, and skills. Use the salary calculator below to determine the salary range for your specific position. You’ll be able to quickly and easily calculate the average salary for an Art Teacher.

Some states require new teachers to earn a master’s degree in order to renew their teacher’s license. Some states don’t require master’s degrees but may pay a few thousand dollars more each year for those with advanced degrees. Additionally, those with more advanced degrees tend to command higher salaries over the course of their career. So, if you’re considering an art teaching career, don’t forget to research the salary ranges for an Elementary Art Teacher. They can be quite high if you know where to look and how to present yourself as a qualified candidate.

Requirements for Certification

There are several requirements for becoming an elementary art teacher. This profession requires a degree and a teaching license. A degree in art education is an ideal starting point. Other requirements for an art teacher include experience in a classroom setting. Elementary art teachers are responsible for helping students develop visual skills through various activities. Their duties include planning the curriculum, gathering supplies, and offering guidance. This profession’s education and licensing requirements are fairly similar to those for other teachers.

To become an art teacher, you must have a bachelor’s degree in an appropriate field from a regionally accredited college. Once you have your degree, you must complete an approved teacher training program typically involving student teaching. You can find a list of approved teacher prep programs here. You must apply for certification through the appropriate state agency upon completing your training program. To apply, you must create an account through the TEACH System. Once you have created a TEACH account, choose Initial or Professional Certification in Visual Art, all grades. Be sure to pay a $50 registration fee, verify your profile, and keep track of your progress toward certification.

The endorsement in the Arts

You can also get an endorsement in the arts if you have a standard certificate in an education program. However, there are additional requirements for those not yet in this profession. For example, educators who have completed a preK-12 education program and want to teach elementary art must have completed a teacher preparation program. Upon completion of the program, educators with preK-12 arts endorsement are certified to teach all areas of the arts.

A bachelor’s degree in art education or related subjects is the minimum requirement for becoming an art teacher. In addition to having a bachelor’s degree, an art teacher must have a master’s degree in a related field. Some states do require state licenses for K-12 teachers. However, private schools may prefer teachers with state certification. For more information, visit the state board of education website. You can also check out local and national certification requirements.

Career outlook

For individuals interested in art, a bachelor’s degree may be the right step in becoming an elementary school art teacher. Besides taking courses in art history and teaching, this degree will also help you earn your teaching license. In addition, you will need to complete an internship in a school. For this position, you must be certified in all three subject areas: art, history, and education. Once you have completed the required courses, you may apply for special endorsements in art education.

While salaries for elementary art teachers vary based on education, experience, and location, there are some basic salary guidelines to remember. In addition to compensation, art teachers may also receive bonuses and other incentives depending on their level of education. Despite the low pay, employment for elementary art teachers is expected to grow moderately over the next decade. However, employment growth is dependent on school budgets and student enrollment. As student populations continue to grow, schools will need more art teachers. However, budget constraints may limit the number of new teachers available in the field.

The Role of Elementary Art Teachers

In today’s world, the role of elementary art teachers is changing. More than ever, teachers are collaborating to create new educational methods and improve the quality of teaching. This includes integrating the latest technologies into the classroom. Elementary art teachers may also need to become familiar with social media platforms to share their student’s work with their peers. And while it is still possible to get hired as an elementary art teacher, there is a high demand for qualified teachers.

Salary: You can expect to make around $57,770 a year as an art teacher. While no statistics are available on the median salary for art teachers, elementary school and middle school teachers earn an average of $56,280 a year. Assuming you complete a bachelor’s degree in art education, you can earn about $61,660 a year. You can also opt to work at a private school, which often accepts demonstrated competence instead of teacher certification.

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