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Difference Between Baroque and Rococo Painting Styles

How do you distinguish between rococo art and baroque art? There are actually some very clear clues that might help you out.

How do you distinguish between rococo art and baroque art? There are actually some very clear clues that might help you out.

The first thing you should take a look at is the shapes and sizes of the objects being painted. Both of them would create shapes and sizes using baroque art, but the baroque art is more linear in its appearance while the rococo painting looks more random. Another thing to notice is that most rococo paintings have large amounts of white, meaning that the work is filled with large amounts of white. It almost seems as if the painter wanted to make the white seem as significant as possible.

The biggest giveaway when it comes to comparing rococo painting to baroque art is the shapes. Most baroque works are focused on the forms instead of the details. As for the rococo artists, they were more concerned with the shapes and details instead. Of course, this all changed with the advent of realistic art. Realism helped give birth to the concept of the baroque style. Since then, the two styles have pretty much remained separated, although some modern artists have managed to combine the two.

The shapes that can be found in Rococo works are pretty interesting. Think about Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon and Georges Braque’s Seleucidade. Both of these artists had great success with their paintings based on the baroque style. Florals and other flowers characterize the baroque style. In fact, baroque art almost became synonymous with flowers.

How is rococo painting different from baroque art when it comes to color? The colors used in the art are usually bright and vivid, unlike in the past, where artwork was done with muted paints. In the baroque era, artists used vivid burgundy, mauve, and olive colors. The trend toward vibrant colors came from Spain’s rich cultural heritage.

You will still see traces of the baroque style in the modern era. Buildings that have a baroque influence may have steep arches and lintels. The baroque artists usually used harsh brush strokes in their paintings. On the contrary, modern artists use soft brush strokes to create rococo art.

Before looking deeper into what rococo painting is, it is essential to know what baroque is. Baroque is an art form that dates back to the Renaissance period and uses typical Renaissance period themes. Knowing these differences will help you understand each style’s traits and techniques.

In contrast to what is rococo art, the rococo style is a style of painting that emphasizes the visual effects of color. Baroque artists will usually use intense colors to create striking scenes, while the rococo artists use more muted hues for their paintings. In this case, the palette used is quite limited. Usually, there are just a few colors to choose from.

When looking at the subjects, both baroque and rococo art have their very own themes. For baroque art, the theme will generally revolve around religious themes. You will find that in many church walls, you will find religious figures such as Madonna and Child, Jesus and His apostles, or the Virgin Mary and God. If you look at rococo art, you will see similar themes. For example, David took the Virgin Mary and painted her surrounded by her children.

The difference between baroque and rococo painting styles largely depends on the artist. In the case of David, he created his masterpieces using baroque techniques. He did not start off using baroque, but after years of experience, he eventually adopted this style. Of course, this does not mean that other artists cannot create beautiful works using the baroque style. When taking a baroque art quiz, the only thing that you need to remember is that the results may vary depending on the artist.

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